Acceptable Use Policy


This week we are covering Acceptable Use Policy within the realm of education.  An Acceptable Use Policy is an agreement that lays out the terms for using technology within school and on a greater scale within the school district. This is a document that allows for the school to hold parents, students and teachers accountable for their technology use on school properties and also gives guidance as to the expectations and regulations on technology within the school.

Within an Acceptable Use Policy within schools there are specific information that should always be covered, such as:

  • Code of conduct or Digitial Citizenship rights and expecations of students, teachers and parents on their uses of technology within the school.
  • Consequences of misusing technology
  • The importance of safety while using technology.  All parties must be aware that if the tool is used in the wrong way, dangerous things could happen.
  • Responsibilities of the students in regards to their use and care of technology as well as guidelines to student’s use of technology in and out of the classroom
  • A clear understanding of any legal responsibilities or ramifications related to the use of technology as a teacher, student and as a parent

The Acceptable Use Policy is so important to protect all parties of the institue from any inappropriate usage of technology, as well as holds people accountable to what they are using the technology for.

Example School Acceptable Use Policies

Wilmington Christian School: AUP

Shoals Christian School : Technology AUP

Bakersfield Christian High School: AUP

Oklahoma Christian University: AUP


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