Edtech 542: Assessments in PBL

For my project, “The Early Ministry of Jesus Project” I have created three assessments (so far).  The first is a checklist that the students will use to mark their progress through the project.  Submitting this periodically will allow me to see where students are at on the project, which groups I may need to spend more time with, and which groups I need to challenge more.  The second assessment is a peer review.  Once the groups have gotten to a “rough cut” of their video, they will share with their peers and be reviewed based on a simple rubric that I created.  Through this assessment, students are critiquing each other, allowing for greater growth in their projects through their peer interactions. Finally, there is a summative rubric for the entire project that I will use to assess the groups final draft.  The rubric breaks down each category and allows the students to see what is expected from their project.

I think one way that I could enhance my summative assessment is to integrate a student grading rubric as well.  This way students have input on their peers videos and can give them a grade that will give extra feedback as well as give a different perspective from mine about the project.


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