Edtech 542: Final Debrief

What do you know understand best about Project Based Learning? What do you understand least?

My understanding of PBL has truly grown over the span of this course.  I have gained a greater understanding of connecting the project back to the driving question as well as the addition of assessments within the project.  I had not thought about adding assessments within the project.  As I reflect on this process thought, it enhances the learning of the students.

What did you expect to learn in this course? What did you actually learn? More, less, and why?

My expectations of this course were greatly met.  I think the BIE site was so valuable for understanding and building projects within my class.  Though I have assigned projects in the past, I feel that I have the ability to have a more complete project that will allow students to have a greater opportunity for learning.

What will you do with what you have learned?

This year, I am going to be reviewing and rebuilding some of my major assessments, creating projects instead of tests. The project that I have created will be implemented into my class this fall.  I am excited to have it in front of students and see how the project looks like in an actual classroom.


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