EDTECH 543: Twitter #’s

The Art of Twitter


I have found in the past year the importance of Twitter as a resource and professional development tool.  Currently, these are the hashtags that I am following:








The first tool that I learned about from the #tncohort is Sploder http://www.sploder.com/free-game-creator.php ).  Sploder is a website that allows you to create your own games.  These can be for fun or educational games that can be put together in an easy way.  I have since offered this as an option for my students to use in class on certain projects.  It is a great website for both students and teachers to use!


#asiaED offers many resources. One that I have found really valuable was an article titled “Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves”.  This article covers 4 different qualities  (Autonomy, Competence, Relatedness, and Relevance) that are important to helping students have self motivation.  This article was challenging and enlightening as I related it back to my classroom.


On #whatisschool there was a post “Transforming the Way We Learn: 4 New Ways Kids Can Learn Minecraft”.  Within this post, the author describes how students can learn Java programming, build up their writing skills, enhance their reading and practicing digital citizenship through minecraft.  


Twitter: Just In Time!

Twitter is such a valuable resource, especially for Pro-D.  I have found a great amount of information on twitter that I have been able to use practically in my classroom, as well as being able to share in our professional development times at my school.  Twitter is a wealth of information especially for teachers, educators.  


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