EDTECH 543: Online Communities

This week’s assingment was really interesting.  I was able to join different communities that I had previously not been a part of.  Goodreads.com was a surprise to me.  Such an interesting community connecting the books that we enjoy, with so many suggestions and reviews from other readers.

Through the webinar activity I had started to get familiar with EdWeb so it was great to continue exploring thorugh this activity.  Though the website seems a little dated, the information that I was connected to was great!  I was able to comment and give some feedback on a few questions and posts within the digital technology community.

Google+ has been a staple since the beginning of the BSU program for me.  I have really enjoyed going through the ISTE Tech coach community as well as the GAFE community.  There were some great articles and posts that I commented on that offered great ideas within GAFE.  Since our school is a GAFE school, it was right up my alley.

Finally Common Sense Media Graphite was another community that I have just started with.  I was able to find and create a board with resources for problem solving in the classroom. There was so much information (curriculum, tools, reviews, blogs, etc) I will need more time with this site as well.

Overall, another eye opening activity that has brought more info that I seem to have time for!  Wow!


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