Edtech 543: Social Networks in the Classroom

Here is the link to my curation of Social Network Case Studies

This week the activity was to research different ways that social networking is being used in the classroom.  For the purpose of this activity (and many in the past) I am taking on the role of technology coach.  The studies that I have included in my page were related to a diverse collection of grades and subjects.

Tweets from Clark– This video shows how a class twitter account of Clark the lizard helps students in their reading, writing and presentation practice.

Digital Pen Pals-  This classroom was using Skype as a way to connect with students in South America with students in the US to help with conversational Spanish.

The Case for Social Media in the Classroom: 

This article shows the use of Edublogs in the classroom.  From this reading it was very clear how students were inspired to write more using blogs because of the potential audience that they were writing to.

Antigone on Facebook

This project was a HS literature project that was adapting “Antigone” using facebook and blogs.  This was an experience that students could follow to help build a greater understanding of the play.

These case studies and more within my Annotary curation provide excellent ideas for how social media can be integrated into the classroom.  From what I found, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and Instagram were all popular apps that could be used within any subject or classroom.

I found the information that we used inspiring, bringing more ideas into my classroom and into the classrooms of my colleagues.  As i reflect on these activities, the main trend I am seeing is educators who are willing to step outside the box, try something new and see where social media can take them.


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